Jobs and Careers

‘This is an exciting time to join us, so if you have the desire to succeed and you are patient, kind and compassionate – what are you waiting for!’

Why do you fit in?

Why do you fit in? At Awelon Healthcare we offer a wide range of roles which include working directly with the patient group and other roles which contribute to providing the best healthcare by offering valuable support across the organisation.


  • Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Team Leaders
  • Support Workers

Other Staff

  • Arts Therapist
  • Music Therapist

Our vision

  • To provide a residential service which seeks to improve the quality of life for service users with learning disabilities who may engage in behaviours which are often viewed as problematic or challenging.
  • To provide a safe, stable and stimulating environment which encourages service users to grow as individuals and develop personal skills and abilities to maximise their potential, and whenever possible, promote independence.
  • To provide an environment that creates as normal a life as is possible for service users, and which preserves dignity and identity in meeting their emotional and physical needs.
  • To promote equality of opportunity and encourage anti-discriminatory practice by recognising rights, choices, beliefs and values of service users and their families.
  • To encourage and facilitate interactions within the local and wider communities as a means of developing social networks and experiencing warm and meaningful relationships.
  • To work effectively with Social Services, Health Services and other external agencies in enhancing the quality of life for the service users.
  • To adopt a holistic approach towards the care and development of service users, using non-aversive methods based on psychological models to adopt and manage behaviours.
  • To give all staff the training, support and consultation required to achieve a quality workforce, which will fulfil the aims and objectives of the service.