Mount Pleasant Stables

Mount Pleasant Stables,
Nr Llantwit Major,
Vale of Glamorgan,
CF61 2XR
01446 793 544

Mount Pleasant Stables is situated near the coast town of Llantwit major and five miles from the historic town of Cowbridge.

Mount Pleasant Stables is a two storey, detached house. The Service offers 3 first floor bedroom which are accessed by stairs and 2 ground floor bedrooms, with a through floor lift.

Mount Pleasant Stables benefit from a semi-rural location, which is accessed from a country road. Fences and walls bound the property’s garden and the driveway access is gated. There are other houses in the vicinity within walking distance, but privacy is not compromised in any way. The rear of the property looks out across fields. Indeed, the house was originally stabling for horses. Conversion and extension of these stables was completed in 2000. Therefore, the property is of a modern, barn conversion style. The house is on the fringe of the village of Llanmaes, and as such the centre of the local community is within walking distance of Mount Pleasant Stables. The village centres around a picturesque grass or ‘green’ area where there is a village hall which hosts a variety of community activities and events. The village centre has a bus stop from which public transport can be accessed for travel to surrounding towns, such as Llantwit Major – 2 miles away, or Cowbridge – 5 miles away. Major bus or rail networks can be accessed from these towns. The village also has a pub where food is served, a Church of England church, a guesthouse and a recreation area. The nearby towns of Cowbridge and Llantwit Major have a larger range of facilities including Leisure Centres, Libraries, Health Centres, Optical and Dental practices. Mount Pleasant Stables is only a few miles from the coast, and is within easy reach of many beaches, Castles, peaceful walks and lively, stimulating towns also.

In addition to the service aims, objectives and facilities listed in the brochure, Mount Pleasant Stables offers a ‘family home’ environment with maximum flexibility of service due to the act that it is a small service provider which facilitates an informal atmosphere.

Mount Pleasant Stables employs the use of a goal planning system for each service user, in order to remain focused in relation to the development of individuals. Goal plans are regularly reviewed and foam part of the overall evaluation of the care. These reviews take place during staff supervision sessions, on both a formal and informal basis, where key workers discuss their service user’s goal planning and progress with management. Relevant information from these meetings is recorded and necessary changes are made. Management also review service users’ goal plans every six months.

All service users are given the opportunity to take part in a diverse range of activities that are offered either at home or within the local and wider community. In is through participation in these activities, at whatever level, that service users’ can enjoy and develop fulfilling lives. As well as furthering self- help and independence skills, service users can explore their own creativity as individuals and as a group through cookery, gardening, and arts and crafts. These sessions incorporate visits from specialist and artist from the surrounding areas, which encourage positive and meaningful relationships with people outside the home. Service users’ family members, friends and advocates are actively encouraged to participate in these activities, by being kept informed and invited on a personal level. Local opportunities also include those available at Atlantic College, which is located on the outskirts of Llantwit Major. It is a College of further education offering residential activity courses, day, session and specialist courses, in areas such as archery, climbing, initiative exercises, lifesaving, art and many more. The College has an ‘Extramural Centre’ which operates activities such as these for people with learning disabilities, as well as other young people from local communities and disadvantaged backgrounds. Another nearby college is Bridgend College, which offers ‘Pathways’ courses for people with additional needs in an integrated setting. Subject areas include photography, independence, community skills and performing arts.

Service users are encouraged and supported to make their own decisions and choices, wherever possible, in relation to all areas of their lives; deciding what food to buy and cook, making decisions and choices about personal purchases such as clothes, toiletries or magazines, deciding how to personalise their own bedrooms through decoration or bed linen, furniture or equipment, choice of health services such as GP, Dentist etc. Contributing to the decisions that are made with staff in relation to holiday destinations, where to eat out and policy and procedure changes. All of these types of choices and decisions, and many more are enabled on a daily basis, as far as is possible.

However, the staffs at Mount Pleasant Stables understand that some or all of these decisions will be problematic for certain service users, due to the complexity of their disabilities. These service users will need to be provided with extra support, by way of time and methodology, to be able to participate in decisions and choices e.g. a service user may need to experience a selection of colours or textures, and their responses noted over a period of time by staff, in order to select room decoration, Or they may need to have home visits arranged with a choice of health professionals, in order for their interactions to be monitored and interpreted, to inform a decision about which health professional to register with.

Service users are enabled and encouraged, wherever possible, to handle their own finances. Support and guidance can be given when required, and a secure, lockable facility can be provided in their own bedroom.

Where no other suitable alterative is available, and it is in the service users’ best interest, the manager at Mount Pleasant Stables will act as DWP appointee/agent, and as such will be responsible for the service user’s benefits income and expenditure recording and safekeeping. This position of responsibility has to be agreed and documented by the DWP, and with the knowledge and consent of all others involved; Family, advocates, other professionals etc., this position does not relate or have any legal power over any other financial affairs of the service user in question. The need for a DWP appointee will be reviewed twice a year, on each of the service user’s placement review meetings.

Where any limitations are required that affect an individual’s freedom of choice, these will be documented within the service users Individual Support Plan, agreed by all those involved and regularly reviewed during key worker supervision sessions, and placement reviews. Limitations on an individual’s freedom of choice will be supported by risk assessments.

Every service user has the right to have access to an advocate, who may be able to help them further in relation to their choices and decisions.

Mount Pleasant Stables is a registered residential care home for young adults ages 18 and above of either male or female sex, who have learning difficulties and / or mental health problems.

Mount Pleasant Stables is owned by Kay Campbell. Joanne Bannister acts as the manager. Joanne can be contacted at Mount Pleasant Stables, Llanmaes, Nr Llantwit Major, CF61 2XR, 01446 793 544 or 07590893564, email;

All positions for support workers and team leaders have now been filled. All staff have the relevant qualifications suitable to care for service users with learning disabilities. Our team of staff are a strong happy group who will assist and care for all service users to a very high standard at all times.

In order to ensure that staff are equipped with knowledge and skills necessary to deliver specialist care, we provide;

Mount Pleasant Stables will seek to provide a high-quality service in partnership with service users, parents, carers and external agencies. Awelon Healthcare seeks to enable service users to exercise their full potential and to live valued and meaningful lifestyles.

To provide a specialist residential service, which seeks to improve the quality of life for service users with learning disabilities who may engage in behaviours which are often viewed as problematic or challenging.

To provide a safe, stable and stimulating environment which encourages service users to grow as individuals and develop personal skills and abilities to maximise their potential, and wherever possible, promote independence.

To provide an environment which creates as normal a life as is possible for service users, and which preserves dignity and identity in meeting their emotional and physical needs.

To promote equality of opportunity and encourage anti-discriminatory practice by recognising rights, choices, beliefs and values of service users and families.

To encourage and facilitate interactions within the local and wider communities as a means of developing social networks and experiencing warm and meaningful relationships.

To work effectively with Social Services, Health Services and other external agencies in enhancing the quality of life for the service users.

To adopt a holistic approach towards the care and development of service users, using non-aversive methods based on psychological models to adapt and manage behaviours.

To give all staff the training, support and consultation required to achieve a quality workforce, which will fulfil the aims and objectives of the service.

Mount Pleasant Stables is intended to meet the needs of younger adults who have learning disabilities and who may engage in behaviours that are often viewed as challenging. Mount Pleasant Stables is a small home that is domestic in character and provides a homely environment, within a semi-rural setting. The home comprises of two floors, it has two ground floor bedrooms and three first floor bedrooms, one of which has an en suite, there is a separate bathroom w/c on the first floor, and a separate w/c on the ground floor. The ground floor consists of a kitchen with a through floor lift, dining area, lounge and laundry room, the first floor has an activity/relaxing lounge area and there is a separate activity room adjacent to the house and a parking area to the side.

Whilst everyday healthcare is carried out by staff under the supervision of a GP and community nurse where necessary, Mount Pleasant Stables is not a nursing home and staff do not have the qualifications or experience to meet specialist nursing needs.

Mount Pleasant Stables is staffed 24 hours a day, with 2 members of waking staff available at night and 1 sleep-in staff member. Further staff support can be summoned and on hand within 30 minutes. Should service users require regular support at night; extra staff can be provided and charged accordingly.

Jo Bannister holds a QCF 5 & 7 and is the Manager at Mount Pleasant Stables and is responsible for recruiting, supervision, training and development of the staff team. The team consists of 23 full time members of support staff, who are all appropriately matched to the type of service provided regarding gender, cultural background and personal interests. All staff members possess attitudes and characteristics that are required to meet service user’s needs; Staff are approachable, open and active listeners, which makes them good communicators. They are all reliable, honest and interested, working towards QCF level 2,3 or 5 in care or a similar qualification. 85 % of staff at Mount Pleasant Stables hold a QCF qualification. All staff are encouraged and supported to study for further qualifications, as well as carrying out training both in house and externally that benefits both the staff team and service users.

Staff undertake training in areas which are of relevance to service users, such as PBM (Positive Behavioural Management), First Aid, Food Hygiene, Manual Handling, specific communication systems, etc., this training is continually developed and refreshed.

Management at Mount Pleasant Stables are experienced in providing quality services to people with learning difficulties and/or mental health problems who may engage in behaviours that are often described as challenging, and hold professional qualifications.

A range of consultants may be accessed from the fields of community nursing, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, speech and language therapy and social work. These services may incur charges for service users placed ‘out of county’.

Staffing levels are regularly reviewed to reflect service users changing needs.