Day Service

Awelon Healthcare currently provides a small bespoke Day Service for young individuals who were in Heronsbridge School together.

This services was established 15 years ago and we still have the same young individuals. This Activity Based service is much appreciated and we obtain amazing feedback.

These individuals also access a Respite Service which provides parents a chance to recharge.
We are currently in the process of developing a larger Day Service base which will provide a purposely built provision for further activities and a night time base for discos, music events and a drama option! Parents will have a much needed evening space where their children can be picked up and dropped off for a small fee. This is our way to provide something for the community.

Day Trips

We love a visit to the bowling alley. Nothing like a bit of competition! Our individuals love having a game or two.

A visit to Plantasia was a big hit. So much to see; snakes, butterflies, creepy crawlies, parrots, meerkats and abundance of fish.
We have been out and about enjoying this lovely weather. Went to Gnoll Park to have a Picnic
Went to the beach on Sunday – some even were brave enough to enjoy a dip in the sea!
With a break in the weather we made a trip to Fendrod Lake. It was so nice just to be out enjoying the fresh air. We loved seeing the abundance of wildlife around the lake.
The Inflata Park is one of our favourites. Our individuals always have so much fun when we visit.
Our Thursday music session is always a great hit! Alex takes the lead by playing the guitar.
We love a BBQ under our Gazebo

Our vision

  • To provide a residential service which seeks to improve the quality of life for service users with learning disabilities who may engage in behaviours which are often viewed as problematic or challenging.
  • To provide a safe, stable and stimulating environment which encourages service users to grow as individuals and develop personal skills and abilities to maximise their potential, and whenever possible, promote independence.
  • To provide an environment that creates as normal a life as is possible for service users, and which preserves dignity and identity in meeting their emotional and physical needs.
  • To promote equality of opportunity and encourage anti-discriminatory practice by recognising rights, choices, beliefs and values of service users and their families.
  • To encourage and facilitate interactions within the local and wider communities as a means of developing social networks and experiencing warm and meaningful relationships.
  • To work effectively with Social Services, Health Services and other external agencies in enhancing the quality of life for the service users.
  • To adopt a holistic approach towards the care and development of service users, using non-aversive methods based on psychological models to adopt and manage behaviours.
  • To give all staff the training, support and consultation required to achieve a quality workforce, which will fulfil the aims and objectives of the service.