The Sensory Hut

We are pleased to announce the Opening date of our New Sensory Hut facility, October 1st 2018! See the below information for more details.

What is it?

The sensory hut can be described as an environment that is created for the purpose of helping individuals who suffer from various needs e.g. Autism, Learning Disabilities, Visual impairments and Mental Health with therapeutic and relaxation products.

Who can use the Hut?

Our service users at both Parkview and Mount Pleasant are encouraged to use the facility, external care and support companies who support individuals of all ages and needs and families with individuals who may have various sensory needs are able to use the Sensory Hut.

What are the benefits of using the Hut?

Each individual piece of equipment used in the hut is designed to stimulate a persons senses through the use of various scents, sounds, textures and colours. The hut introduces a quiet, relaxing environment to its users where they can feel safe and at ease. Sensory products such as bubble tubes create a peaceful effect with their soothing vibrations and floating bubbles. It encourages positive interactions and support between staff and families.  If an individual suffers from a visual impairment, a dark room combined with the use of bright fluorescent colours will help to stimulate their vision. If an individual has a hearing impairment, equipment that vibrates or makes different sounds will be more effective. The sensory hut allows individuals to interact with their surroundings and feel in control of the environment that they are in. It can often distract those who experience voices, anxiety or suicidal ideation from their thoughts or feelings. It goes without saying that the use of a sensory room promotes deep relaxation and promotes wellbeing. The hut can aid  non-responsive service users become communicative skills. As well as all of the above, you may find that it helps assist with tackling behaviours that challenge as providing moments of comfort and calmness as well as helping individuals who engage can improve focus and deter from the urge to behave in a certain way.

How to I book the use of the Sensory Hut?

The Sensory Hut will be open Monday – Saturday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Earliest booking 9am and latest booking 4.05pm. The hut can be booked in 55 minute time slots to take into consideration 5 minutes of cleaning the facility and exiting the premises.

You can book by phoning our residential home which is open 24hr and speaking to our lovely staff team. You will need to give your name, number of individuals attending and contact number. We will let you know a price over the phone and you can pay in cash on the day.

Sensory Hut Prices and Opening Times:

We will be open MONDAY – SATURDAYS between the hours of 9am and 5pm. As the sessions are 55 minutes the earliest booking will be 9am and latest 4.05pm.

  • 55-minute sessions for max 3 users.
  • Staff or anyone supporting the individuals go FREE.
  • £25 for one user
  • £35 for 2 or 3 users

Other information:

There will be toilet facilities available as well as complimentary squash and water. The Sensory Hut and toilets will be wheelchair friendly. There are always staff on site at Parkview House should emergency assistance be needed, however it shall be your responsibility to see to the needs of any users of the Hut including any challenging behaviours, Manuel handling, medication, PPE equipment and personal care. Free accessible parking on site or at the Park opposite the house.

Our vision

  • To provide a residential service which seeks to improve the quality of life for service users with learning disabilities who may engage in behaviours which are often viewed as problematic or challenging.
  • To provide a safe, stable and stimulating environment which encourages service users to grow as individuals and develop personal skills and abilities to maximise their potential, and whenever possible, promote independence.
  • To provide an environment that creates as normal a life as is possible for service users, and which preserves dignity and identity in meeting their emotional and physical needs.
  • To promote equality of opportunity and encourage anti-discriminatory practice by recognising rights, choices, beliefs and values of service users and their families.
  • To encourage and facilitate interactions within the local and wider communities as a means of developing social networks and experiencing warm and meaningful relationships.
  • To work effectively with Social Services, Health Services and other external agencies in enhancing the quality of life for the service users.
  • To adopt a holistic approach towards the care and development of service users, using non-aversive methods based on psychological models to adopt and manage behaviours.
  • To give all staff the training, support and consultation required to achieve a quality workforce, which will fulfil the aims and objectives of the service.